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Send it in 3 simple steps, auto-return your SmartCash after seven days if not claimed, and no login/account required

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the F.A.Q below to ensure that your question or concern has not already been addressed.

Yes, 2000000000 SmartCash is the current limit.
If unclaimed, SmartCash returns to your nominated address or the address you have sent from after 7 days. Do not use an exchange or any wallet you do not possess the private key for use as the return address.
Yes, this service does not track or store location data, the user of this service takes full responsibility for ensuring they follow their local laws and statutes.
It is essential that the exact amount set for the order is transferred, this means that the fee should not come out of the amount being sent. Otherwise, it will not be complete, and the smart will return when the order times out.